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A great company with first class content wasn't being found by search engines.

Audit Conduct approached us because their website had a huge amount of really well-written content, but they weren't getting any sort of traffic. Granted, they are a very niche sort of firm (ethics for accounting auditors) so there isn't a lot of traffic, but they were getting none of it.

After a web asset audit and a consultation, we came up with a clutch of goals. The goals included concentrating efforts in key profitable areas and downplaying other areas that really didn't bring in money. We also figured out their SEO problems and came up with a solution.

Their original site was built with Squarespace, and through a quirk of that platform, most of their good content was basically hidden from search engines. The site also had a clunky navigation system that didn't help the users easily find useful content, and the site's structure wasn't providing a nice trail for Google and other search engines to follow.

We collaborated with them on a redesign, but a lot of the work was getting all of their PDF newsletters properly tagged and linked to make them more attractive and accessible to search engines. We also set up an easy system for Audit Conduct to upload videos to the website and easily edit all of their pages and content.

Audit Conduct also develops course materials and provides articles to industry leading  trade organizations and journals. Backlinks from that content to the website are very valuable to SEO, so we established a protocol such that  articles are properly pointed to the site. The importance of this cannot be stressed enough.

What designers don't usually know

A simple looking website can be an enormously complex thing, because it ties into all sorts of other technology. A good analogy is that of a house. An interior decorator can come in pick paint and couches and curtains, and make a house look great. But that designer isn't thinking at all about the power lines feeding into that house, or the plumbing, air conditioning. The designer doesn't worry about what is behind the walls, and unfortunately, a lot of web designers don't worry about what's going on behind the site. Site builders like Squarespace and Wix just make this situation worse.

We design, but we know the technical aspects as well. And that can make all the difference for your business.

I sent them an email describing my issues. Luke responded about an hour later with an email that basically summed up everything problematic about my site, and why we weren't getting traffic. We talked on the phone a few days later, and it became clear that these people know everything. And they're really fun to deal with.

Cathy from Audit Conduct

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