Your website is critical

Your website is the key point of contact between your customers and your business. It might serve as a main advertising source, an online catalog and brochure, a customer communications portal, a payment system, a reference library and more. Chances are, your business needs aren't met by something out of the box.

We build solutions matched to your specific needs, that meet your career or business goals. We also update and modify existing websites to drastically improve their performance.

Do I need a big shiny site?

You might not. Your current website might be just fine.

But if you'd like to find out some possibilities for improving your web presence, click below and get a Website Audit and Consultation. It's not free, but it's worth it.

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Our Philosophy

A website is all about what it's suppose to do for your business.

A website is a machine that has a purpose

A website isn't an art project. It's fundamentally a machine that has a purpose. The purpose is to make visitors behave a certain way – click buttons, buy products, sign-up, travel certain paths from one page to the next, etc. The entire site has a series of business goals, each page has a goal and a purpose. It's a machine, not art.

A website must feel trustworthy

A user who trusts a website has a better chance of trusting the company behind it. Visitors to a site should feel secure and taken care of. The navigation should be intuitive, the writing direct, pictures and graphics interesting and tending towards informative. If a website simply has clear navigation and is easy to read and basically “professional” (whatever that might mean), the most important aspects of the design are finished.

Design is dictated by goals

The aesthetics of the design support the goals of the website and the business. Fonts, colors, images, the placement of things on a page, animations – these decisions aren't about appearance. They're about making things easy for the user while maintaining consistent branding across the site. Taste or personal preference really shouldn’t play much of a role. All design decisions we make always have a practical reasons.

A website should have something delightful about it

A website must be useful, but, there should be something intriguing about it - a little quirk or feature that makes it stand out. Nothing should impede clarity or navigation, but if possible, a website should be fun. This isn’t always achievable, and we never push this aspect of the design to the forefront, but if a site can be made a bit magical, in addition to being practical, people like it more... and it works better.

What do I have to do?

If you're busy we can can do the whole thing: design, content writing, video, photos - whatever it takes to get your site up.

But we can also coach and cajole you if you'd like to be more involved. The choice is yours.

The only thing we can't do is press that Get Started button below. You have to do that.

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Our Development Process

Our design process is indicative of the care we put into our projects. Your site might not require something this extensive, but this is what lies behind all our work.

Discovery and Consultation

Everything begins with an in-depth discovery followed by a consultation. Discovery is about getting to know your business, figuring out sticking points and problems. It starts with you filling out an online worksheet, either on your own or with our help.

Once the worksheet is completed we perform a technical audit of your web assets. We also research your market, your competitors, and we get an idea of what keywords and search activity you should be concentrating on. We put this all into a report which we present to you at a consultation.

The consultation can be in person or online. We don't just hand you a report. Our consultation is a combination of discussion and brain storming, and it is intense and sometimes a bit uncomfortable. But by the end of the consultation, together we’ll have defined a clear set of business goals, and we'll know the needed website functionality to make those goals happen. We’ll also nail down all the technical considerations – hosting, domain names, site maintenance, as well as other services you might need, such as branding, content marketing, etc.

Our discovery and consultation is a paid service. The price is dependent on the size of the project, with fees beginning at $500. Should we choose to work together after discovery the fee is included in the overall project fee. However, if this particular project isn't in the cards, you're free to take the information from our discovery and consultation and use it however you wish.

The Proposal

Should we choose to work together, we give you a proposal. The Proposal is a plan for your website. It details the features and functionality it will have, delivery timeframes, the responsibilities of the various parties involved - what we will do, what you will do - and the specifics of payment. Once the proposal is signed and the downpayment accepted, the work begins in earnest.

Sitemaps, Prototypes and Mood Boards

The sitemap is a diagram of how the various pages of the website will interconnect. A cogent sitemap takes into account user flow, navigation and search engine optimization. It is the site's blueprint.

A prototype is a layout of what will go where on the pages of the website. We usually build it online, so it will actually work. You can click links, play with functionality, and in general get a feel for how your site will work. The prototype is typically ugly looking - a colorless, design-less blah of a website that let's us find problems and work out better ideas.

We'll set up an online mood board that everyone involved in the project can access. The mood board is a collection of visual ideas - colors, fonts, images, photographs, snippets of other websites people like (or don't like). The visual design of the site flows out from the resources on the mood board.

The Dev Site, Content and Design

Once the prototype is approved we set up a development site (dev site) and get building. The dev site is on the internet, secure, and you can watch the process unfold. The dev site will function exactly as your final site will function, and you’ll be able to live test all functionality.

Content for your site is critically important. Text, images, video, downloads and such have to be either created or assembled, as determined by the specifics of the proposal. Please note that the main reason websites are delayed is that the content is late!

The site's design happens at this point. Generally our process is  a combination of sketches, mockups and live updating to the dev site. Policies regarding revisions are laid out in the proposal.

Final Testing and Launch

Once the dev site is finished, fully tested and proofed, and final payment is completed, we launch your site in accordance with the  technical requirements specified in the proposal.

Site Management Plans

The internet is a toxic environment, crawling with malware, viruses and hackers, and even the most secure website becomes vulnerable if it isn’t properly maintained. The technology behind a website needs constant updating to maintain security and peak performance. Updates generally occur on a weekly basis - the web is that fast moving. A management plan means your site is kept up to date, that potential issues are spotted and fixed before they become big problems, and you can relax, knowing that your site is up and working for you.

We know, we know... we write a lot.

But that's because we know that you're making a big decision.

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