Morgen Kerian

An actress who wants to concentrate on her craft wanted a website but not the hassles involved.

A one-pager is basically an entire website - galleries, bios, contact pages, etc. - compressed onto a single page. It's a very cost effective and fast way to get a website up, perfect for a proof-of-concept or a very small business, or a young actress trying to build a career.

Morgen is such a young actress, living in Chicago. We knocked out a one-pager for her over a weekend, and it is a delightful website that highlights the interconnected way we approach marketing, SEO and design.

Miss Kerian is a wonderful performer with great training, but she was suffering from a problem common to all young actors still in college or just getting out: a lack of professional credits. Normally, an actor's site is populated with headshots and production images, and while Morgen had headshots, she didn't have great production photos when we first launched this website.

We culled her Facebook and Instagram for photos that showed off those particular traits, mixed them with a few production photos, collaborated with her on writing a bio that was fun and punchy, and then crafted a site that plays to Morgen's strengths.

We're about a year on past launch, and Morgen has been steadily auditioning, getting cast, and beefing up her resume and portfolio with professional credits.

This summer Miss Kerian is off to Utah to star in Sense and Sensibility with the Lyric Repertory Company. She's on her way.

Focus on SEO

SEO on a website like this is problematic. With only one page there aren't a lot of search terms for optimization (you have to think one page one target when it comes to SEO), and we cannot imagine casting people searching for something like “Actress,” the business just does not work that way. We did a bit of thinking and decided to optimize her site for redhead actress Chicago - we figured that was about as close as we could get to a niche. Now that she's cast in a substantial role, we've changed our SEO target to Marianne Sense and Sensibility Lyric Rep, hopeful that will catch people curious about her, or other producers putting on Sense and Sensibility. Once Morgen completes the run, we'll add a new page to her website: a page based on the production, complete with reviews, production photos, videos, etc. We'll optimize this page for Marianne Sense and Sensibility Lyric Rep, and then optimize her main page for her next production, and we'll continue this process of building out her site with good pages that match her credits.

Some people might be wondering why we didn't optimize the site for her name. The simple answer is that there's no reason to. Her domain name is her name, so her website will effortlessly top out for her name on Google. If your website's domain name is the same as your name or your business' name and you're not ranking number one for that, something is wrong with your website.

I really don't like the whole marketing thing and I'm not that good at it. I was afraid my site would sit there and never get updated. But my site is really easy to work with, and the Azul Burger guys understand my career goals and always have ideas for me. So, I love my website!

Morgen Kerian

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