EB Industries

A manufacturer that stresses high quality and great customer service needed help reaching their market.

EB Industries is a fabulous company. They do high tech welding and are over-the-top conscious of the quality of their work and their customer service. We've had a very successful partnership with them - successful for all of us.

EB Industries had been working with a number of other digital agencies, and each agency came in, remade their website, hired a blogger, tried to get them backlinks, started a pay-per-click campaign, but nothing moved the needle on their inbound web traffic - it remained meagre. Their search engine performance remained middling: square on the second or third (or worse) page of Google for the key words and phrases critical to their business.

We started working with EB in the summer of 2015. And the first thing we didn't do was re-design their website. Instead, we did a lot of research, gathered analytics and site usage data, keyword data, data on their competitors and then, working very closely with the principals of the company, we came up with a clear plan:

The (Initial) Plan

  • Get rid of all social media campaigns and pay-per-click because it is totally ineffective in this particular case.
  • Redo the main navigation so it is clearer and faster, and the most important pages (i.e., the pages that describe services) are within one click.
  • Redo the homepage so that the main services are highlighted and within one click.
  • Rewrite key pages for better SEO performance.
  • Implement a very disciplined content marketing program.
  • Hire a firm that truly knows their industry to get them backlinks.

It was a simple plan, but it took a lot to implement, and much of the effort was spent writing. The key to content marketing is writing using the terminology of the industry and in a style that is familiar and appropriate to the target readers. For EB Industries we had to learn their business, their welding processes, and a lot of jargon and terminology. And in turn we worked with a few of their key people to teach them to write for the internet and marketing. The result is very informative content that is interesting to their audience without being "clever" or snarky.

The Results

EB Industries' website has grown 310% since 2015. The site is ranked on the 1st page of Google for virtually every business critical keyword or phrase, with lots of #1's.

We work continually with EB Industries, discussing and implementing strategies, exploiting weaknesses in competitors, experimenting with new marketing channels and doing whatever we can to further their growth. And we finally did do a redesign of their website in 2019.

Learn the target market!

Successful content marketing depends on knowing the market and knowing about the people in that market, and then marketing to those people in a way they understand. Simply put, you cannot write to design engineers the same way you write to people who are buying cosmetics or books, or beer, or accounting services.  

There's a big difference between the way you sell a $25 commodity and the way you sell a part custom made from titanium that is going to be installed on a space ship.

We have a very technically oriented business. Unlike any other web firm we've worked with, Azul Burger took the time to actually understand the mechanics and physics of what we do. When we have meetings I can just explain things to them, and when they work on content with us we don't have to make all sorts of factual corrections - they get so much of it right from the beginning.

Steve D - president, EB Industries

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